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Mobile Legends Heroes Lesley. Lesley is a mobile legends marksman/assassin role hero who is very strong in the late game. Esmeralda harley helcurt aldous masha these heroes are strong against lesley at most phases of the game.

Lesley Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang Companion
Lesley Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang Companion from

In addition, lesley mobile legends also has a very strong finisher. Mobile legends has several pairs, from heroes to hero couples, than we initially thought. 4 understand of lesley lesley counter heroes these picks are strong against lesley at many stages of the game.

But What If Other Heroes Had Their Own Buffs As Well?

Harley and lesley have a sibling buff which increases their hp while on the same team. Champions listed by highest win rate matchups vs lesley karrie cyclops gord moskov natalia alucard lancelot clint any hero who has cc and burst and who don’t rely on basic attack only can kill her with no problem. Lesley is a mobile legends marksman/assassin role hero who is very strong in the late game.

Note I Am Doing Every Single Hero Here Associated With Another Hero Who Is Related To Them Lorewise Or Has Some Sort Of Physical/Mental/Ability Relation To Them.

The last lesley build item for season 25 is blade of despair. This is because you want your opponents to have less powerful heroes than yours on their team so that it will be easier for you to win the game. After her father died, the vance family adopted lesley and put her as their sole heir, with harley under her tutelage.

Lesley Restores 5 Energy Each Time She Hits An Enemy With Her Basic Attack.

Lethal shot deals 20% extra da… Patch notes 1.3.44 master of camouflage fix fixed a problem where the cd of the skill upgrades wrongly when interrupted in some conditions. 28l (37.78%) lesley, deadly sniper is a marksman/assassin hero in mobile legends:

The Mobile Legends Tier List Ranks Every Hero In The Game From S To D, With D As A Baseline.

They’re listed based on their win rate against lesley. Lesley is one of the heroes who has a critical attack that is very sick. Attributes movement speed 240 attack speed 0.826 critical chance 0 physical attack 115 physical defense 14 hp 2490 hp regeneration 36 magic power 0

In Addition, Lesley Mobile Legends Also Has A Very Strong Finisher.

Then the two adoptive parents also entrust harley, the only heir of the noble family to lesley. The enhanced basic attack also restores twice the amount of energy. Adjust ~ now lesley will get the marksman buff after killing the core guard (higher damage but weaker slowdown debuff).

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