Ml Counter Heroes List

Ml Counter Heroes List. Heroes counter granger grangeris weak against helcurt selena guinevere gusion minsitthar these heroes are strong against grangerat most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against zilong.

Hero counter luo yi?mobile legends ml YouTube
Hero counter luo yi?mobile legends ml YouTube from

Properly use your first skill on enemies. Lancelot is one of the assassin heroes who has a very high level of mobility. Saber as the best lockter in this legend car, saber is included in the list of heroes who are able to counter alice’s hero.

Locked By Saber, Alice Can’t Move, Let Alone Suck Blood From Her Enemies.

Badang’s fist break and fist crack combo can counter popol & kupa easily Kaja 1.4 aurora 1.5 valir 1.6 uranus 1.7 khufra 1.8 diggie 1.9 lancelot 1.10 tigreal ruby memiliki skill ultimate yang sangat baik dimana dia bisa menarik banyak hero sekaligus. Once you successfully hook the enemy heroes, kick his ass w/ your teammates, and use ultimate if available.

Eudora Can Also Be Used To Pick Up Granger Who Is Alone.

Helcurt, natalia, harith, claude, selen, cyclops, miya, gord, balmond, kimmy: Pick the best heroes with our counter picks utility for heroes of the storm. Thamuz, hanabi, martis, jawhead, pharsa:

Balmond, Akai, Chou, Zilong, Layla:

Julian, melissa, xavier, edith, yin, phylax, valentina, aamon, floryn, natan, aulus, granger, benedetta, brody, paquito, alice, esmeralda, wanwan, diggie, natalia, chang’e, chou, selena, jawhead, khufra, roger, lancelot, kagura, tigreal, bruno, mathilda, kaja, guinevere, rafaela, hanabi, miya, johnson, gatotkaca,. Lancelot is one of the assassin heroes who has a very high level of mobility. Due to his mechanics, he is understood to be a natural counter.

Karrie Hopes They Will Get Grievous Damage, Including Phoveus.

Heroes are the playable characters in mobile legends: Genius wand sea halberd divine glaive malefic roar Karrie herself is often dubbed the marksman destroying tanks where no matter how thick the enemy’s blood is.

Browse And Vote Counters, Synergies And Other Matchups Between Heroes.

Saber is able to lock this one mage hero and make him die quickly. The current list of sibling heroes are as follows: Champions listed by highest win rate matchups vs yu zhong kimmy diggie atlas natalia wanwan baxia yu zhong counter items these items can help you countering against yu zhong.

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