Memento Mori Lyrics

Memento Mori Lyrics. The serpent, the one you last recall (you are lost) the ones so long forgotten. I am the second, the will.

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As above, so below dismantled piece by piece, what's left will not decease as within, so without the seasons bring reli… Ah, what was the question oh yeah, momento mori it means remember it's inevitable that we will all die it sounds quite depressing when said so raw and direct but it means don't hang yourself on a material life but that gets dropped when i'm bop on shopping day am i shallow, am i hung up on such wrong ways yes i am shallow and loving every wrong. Ατσάλινος δαίμονας ιι (atsalinos daimonas ιι)

Wake Up) Past The Blackest Heaven, Above The Dying Stars.

The precious static rest beneath my slumber holds me up. Though my last hope was strangled. Some day we may come to peace.

Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Nothing, No One Knows How It Ends.

And i will await you. Memento mori, memento mori it's latin and it says we must all die but i tried it for a while, it's a load of boring shite so i buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy i think if i could see me now from my growing past i'd hate the shirted cunt that seems to be so fucking flash i reckon from the threads, i think all i think's about cash The moment that ends it all.

Their Spirits Travel From Me Into You.

The old sounds of you and me. Featured charts videos promote your music. I am the second, the will.

I Think I'm Drowning, This Dream Is Killing Me.

I am the moment, the soul. Ah, i'm taking this way too far ooh, have i been awake too long? Though persuasion pulls me down.

New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer Awoke To The Sound Of The Dripping Of Water The Wailing Of Shells Far Away, I Sat Up And Listened I Rose And Got Ready, To Greet The Last Day Of My Life Far Away, I Can Hear Your Prayer, And I Know It Means Goodbye Far Away, Nothing I Can Say, On The Last Day Of My Life All Of The Day, All The Waiting, It Drives Me Insane.

Until i close my eyes. If we fight / that the walls we built so high up fallen so low / fallen so low / if we fight / that the walls we built so high up falling so low / oh, oh /. If you're lucky you'll be surrounded by the ones that you love, when.

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