How To Price Your Art In South Africa

How To Price Your Art In South Africa. If you price your art too high, you may scare too many clients away and you won't be able to earn a stable income from selling your art. Typically, every nigerian passport holder requires a visitor's visa prior to travelling.

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We want to make it so easy for your work to be promoted, marketed. Choose a cost per square inch that reflects your reputation and credentials as an artist. For instance, an artist might charge an average of $1 per square inch, but $2 per square inch for tiny work, and $.80 per square inch for large work.

Simply Add The Width And Length, And Multiply By An Appropriate Dollar Amount.

($20 + $15) x 20% x 10 = $420. Lots of artists sell art from home. It’s a business model that can work well for many artists.

You Can Multiply The Square Inch By Your Personal Rate Which Is How Much You Wish To Earn Per Hour.

Some sites to sell your artwork online; It works for a lot of artists. Give yourself a fair hourly wage.

16+16 Inches = 32 Linear Inches X 20 = $640.

If you're from south africa and you're looking to make money online, then give fiverr a try. The standard wage for a prolific artist is set at $24.60.this can be a guideline for determining your hourly wage. Who is the most expensive artist to book in south africa?

As A Trained Appraiser, I Would Never Use.

Here are the same canvas sizes using linear inch pricing, using a multiplier of 20 (ie, $20.00 per linear inch) —. Rather than trying in vain to find a gallery willing to display and sell your art, you can approach a local coffee shop, restaurant or even office building to display your work and offer it for sale. Here, that would be 144 x 3, for a total of $432, which you’d then likely round to $430.

Of Course, You Will Have To Offer Them A Percentage Of The Money You Make In Order To Use Their.

Alternatively, multiply your hourly rate by the hours spent, then add the cost of materials. The square inch method is basically where you set an art price on one size, do the math to figure out what that comes out to per square inch, and then apply that price to your other sizes. Add to that the cost of materials you used and other expenses.

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