How To Score A Mule Deer In Velvet

How To Score A Mule Deer In Velvet. A good buck should fall around the following: Early season archery mule deer is about as good as it gets;

How To Score A Mule Deer In Velvet The Best Bucks Of September 2020
How To Score A Mule Deer In Velvet The Best Bucks Of September 2020 from

The preliminary score of gordon's buck is 338 7/8 inches. A good buck should fall around the following: As such, nearly ten (10) years later, this monster buck is now crowned as the new velvet world’s record.

The Inside Spread On This Buck, The Measurement From The Widest Points Of The Main Beam, Measures A Tad Over 24 Inches.

Hunting big bucks in open country with relatively few hunters afield is like stepping back in time. Again, you can use the 20” measurement from ear tip to ear tip to help give you a gauge to measure. If you can, check for brow tines, which will add four to 10 inches of score.

51 Rows They Are Measured From The Nearest Edge Of The Main Beam Over The Outer Curve To The Tip.

This amazing mule deer was shot in colorado, on september 2, 2018. If you fail to comply, your antlers will become ineligible for scoring. The organization simply instituted a new category for velvet antlered species to be eligible for world’s record status.

Mule Deer Bucks In Full Velvet Are An Awesome Site And The Velvet Greatly Enhances The Size Of The Bucks.

Other entry requirements include the original scoring form signed by an official p&y measurer, a completed fair chase affidavit, three pictures of the antlers from the front and sides, and a small processing fee. When field judging a buck there are 5 different metrics you need to be aware of: The pope & young club (p&y) recently named a new nontypical mule deer world record taken in saskatchewan, canada near the arm river on oct.

Add All Your Numbers Together To Come Up With A Gross Score.

Look for double forks on both sides, and assess if the forks branch low and close to the main beam (deep) or if they branch far from the beam (shallow). While the task of getting within archery range is among the most challenging in big game hunting, when it does. This makes the gardner buck not only the largest typical velvet mule deer ever, but the largest typical mule deer ever taken with archery equipment in north america.

This Mule Deer Surpasses The Previous Largest Velvet.

This article is an attempt at providing you with information to quickly and accurately field judge a big old muley. It’s easy to get caught up in how big a buck looks with his velvet on but. Moose, on the other hand, are the most expensive set of antlers because of their rarity, regional.

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