How To Measure For A Barn Door Size

How To Measure For A Barn Door Size. To get an accurate understanding of what size hardware and door you need, you will need to take 11 measurements. For the most appropriate door width dimensions, measure the opening and add a few inches.

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(in this example the total height is 83″) when closed (over the opening) the door will cover all of the casing for a cohesive look. For the final measurement, we need to add one extra inch: Measuring for the sliding barn door track is almost foolproof.

F) Width Of The Door Trim If There.

E) distance between the two openings. A) width of door opening. For example, if you have two 18” wide doors (to cover a 36” wide door.

To Get An Accurate Understanding Of What Size Hardware And Door You Need, You Will Need To Take 11 Measurements.

A set of double doors measures 80 inches. Don't forget to check your sliding hardware kit. Make sure you have space.

Measuring The Door Frame For A Barn Door Is Different From Measuring For A Regular Swing Door;

D) distance to ceiling or closest overhead obstruction. Your track length will be 80 x 2, or 160 inches. With all the data you previously gathered, you can now determine the appropriate size for your barn door.

The Barn Door Should Overlap The Opening, And An Allowance Of 2 To 3.

If your width is 28” to 34”, we recommend you use a 36” wide barn door. C) distance to closest wall or obstruction on left. B) height of door opening.

Your Track Length Will Be 38 X 2, Or 76 Inches.

Finally, add 25mm to whatever your final measurement was. It is important to measure what size granary door you need from your door frame. The distance from the floor to the top of the opening is 80.

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