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Mobile Legends Heroes Fandom. This is a wiki created by the mobile legends: Elemental, tech, martial, light, dark, order, and chaos are the seven categories of heroes.

Assassin Mobile Legends Wiki Fandom Mobile legend wallpaper
Assassin Mobile Legends Wiki Fandom Mobile legend wallpaper from

But it seemed to be now forgotten. Light, dark, elemental, tech, martial, order, chaos and further divided by equipment: Bang bang, sorted by their total number of skins in descending order.

Contents 1 Types Of Heroes 1.1 Elemental 1.2 Tech 1.3 Martial 1.4 Light 1.5 Dark 1.6 Order 1.7 Chaos 1.8 Hybrid 2 Attribute Resonance 2.1 Resonance

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He Was Supposed To Marry Vexana.

While it is abundant and naturally. Energy is not only present in living organisms, but in the environment as well. His concept art a is inspired from the hero paganini from magic rush.

Energy Is A Tool But Also A Need, As Low Energy Can Lead To Passing Out And In Severe Cases Death.

Akashic can gain a certain amount of attack and defense attributes from the enemy hero with the highest attack. If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. Once a hero who defended the southern border of the empire.

Bang Bang Wiki Is A Fandom Games Community.

He is a warlock of the moniyan empire. It can be manipulated to complete feats not capable by normal means. The higher their grade, the better these bonuses will be.

The Yellow Sand Gradually Obscured The Bright Red Sunset, And The Heat.

But it seemed to be now forgotten. A hero is a legendary being or person who has been summoned to wage battle in mobile legends adventure. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet categories

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